Autism Friendly Day

Autism Day

After the success of the day in March, Monkey World has planned further Autism Friendly Days! The park has always prided itself on the access facilities available, from a range of mobility scooters to the primate sensory statues around the park.

To help autistic visitors and their families further, on selected dates, visitors with autism can access the park at 9am, an hour before public opening time, to avoid the rush at the gates.

All gates will be open so there will be very little in the way of queueing. Our staff have been briefed and are aware of additional needs. There is no need to pre-book. Normal entrance fees will apply. Please bring appropriate DLA/ PIP documentation to benefit from essential carers free entry.

The park will also have a sensory trail especially for the day, and dedicated chill out spaces. Monkey World is proud to work with the Autism Adventures- Minecraft and Meltdowns group, who will be supporting the day with sensory play and drop-in support.

With this, and over 260 rescued monkeys and apes, and 3 play areas, Monkey World hopes to be a great day out- for all.


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